Day 1: Encounters

Sooo I moved in today, to Babson for “predeparture orientation”
I got here around noon, lunch until 2, we did introductions, an ice breaker, how to get housing when we get back, lunch, keeping an open mind and a movie.
None of that means anything to anyone reading it.
Today was a lot of “you’re going places where YOU’RE going to be the interloper- adapt.” We watched a video called  The Listening Project. The project sent “listeners” to countries all over the world, to get people’s opinions on America. What surprised me was the number of people who differentiated between “Americans” and “the government.” They would say ‘Americans aren’t bad, their government is.” I felt like that was so understanding, and also so insightful. I think the government is supposed to represent it’s people. I also think so many of these people would get along if it weren’t for their governments. Most people though, thought America needs to stay out of everyone’s business.
We did readings for homework tonight as well, talking largely about American culture. Think travel guides for people coming to America, how to not be uncomfortable. How to tip- ‘the price on the menu isn’t actually the price. It’s 20% more so factor that in.’ And ‘when you go to someone’s house for dinner, offer to bring something. The person will refuse, but it’s still polite to bring something (wine, chocolates, flowers) don’t gift them money or personal items like toiletries.” I just felt like these were such interesting things to need to be said! Finger foods in America- chicken fingers yes (usually) potatoes no (usually, unless their french fries- which do come in different shapes!) It’s helpful for me to think about this. Things that seem so normal to me, could potentially be really confusing to someone who isn’t familiar with them, imagine this but role reversed while I’m gone.

I’m not homesick yet, or even worried about becoming homesick. I hope this lasts. Still struggling with suitcase contents, I’d like to shed a few more pounds before we leave if possible.

Day 1 done

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